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Poushtify Eco Friendly Bags

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Introducing Poushtify India Private Limited: pioneering eco-friendly bags made from corn starch. Join us in revolutionizing sustainability, one bag at a time.

Our project


Our Project

Poushtify India Private Limited proudly unveils its groundbreaking project focused on producing eco-friendly bags made from corn starch. This project represents our company's unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.



The project encompasses various stages, from sourcing high-quality corn starch to implementing cutting-edge manufacturing processes that ensure the durability and functionality of our eco-friendly bags. We prioritize not only environmental impact but also user experience, striving to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and convenience.



As a company, we are dedicated to transparency and accountability throughout every phase of the project. We conduct rigorous testing and certifications to validate the eco-friendly attributes of our bags, ensuring that they meet regulatory standards and exceed customer expectations.



Under the guidance and expertise of DRDO, we have embarked on a journey to revolutionize the packaging industry by harnessing the potential of corn starch as a renewable resource. Through collaborative research efforts, we have developed a proprietary process that transforms corn starch into biodegradable and compostable bags, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility.


Our Aim

Furthermore, our project involves extensive collaboration with experts in the fields of biochemistry, materials science, and environmental sustainability. By leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise, we aim to continuously improve our processes and products, driving innovation in the realm of sustainable packaging solutions.



Through this project, Poushtify India Private Limited seeks to inspire positive change in the packaging industry and beyond. We invite partners, stakeholders, and consumers to join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in preserving the planet for future generations.

"Choosing Poushtify's corn starch eco-friendly bags has been a game-changer for our sustainability efforts. Their quality and commitment to the environment perfectly align with our values.

Hanuman Sweets, Bhadrachalam

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